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Hi, I'm Raging Flowers, a DIY artist. I'm a one-woman band, making music from pen and paper to mixing and mastering. I was born in Beijing and grew up in Auckland, New Zealand. I make groovy genre-blending music which I describe as jazzy self-help indie pop.After getting badly burnt out from working as a Software Engineer while founding a software startup and training as a professional kickboxer, I took a break to care for myself and explore. I took a deep breath and started singing, which then led to songwriting. Through my creative exploration, I started to understand my feelings. At times it was overwhelming, because I was so used to staying in my thinking mind and staying away from my feelings. But with time, I got better at it. Now music is like journaling to me. It helps me stay with my feelings and understand them, so I don't have to run away from them. I love it so much. I believe music will solve a lot of problems in the world.My music is about helping people befriend their feelings through music. I hope through telling my story, I can help others in my shoes to treat our emotions with gentleness and care. I hope my songs help my listeners heal from past injuries and have a laugh about life's challenging situations.

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