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Hi, I'm Raging Flowers, a DIY artist. I'm a one-woman band, making music from pen and paper to mixing and mastering. I was born in Beijing and grew up in Auckland, New Zealand. My main instrument is electric guitar. I make groovy genre-blending music that I describe as jazzy self-help indie pop.I have a late start to my music career. Although I've been a long-time music learner, I pursued a career in tech. I became a high-performing software engineer in various fields including audio, blockchain and AI. But something was missing for me. I didn't know what it was. I kept chasing goals but it was never enough. I tried meditation and read many books, but I couldn't figure it out. At the end of 2022, I was on my way to becoming a kickboxing champion of New Zealand, but I got completely burnt out. My doctor was concerned about my blood test results and told me to stop overworking. Then my life took on an interesting turn. I took on a path of creativity and self-discovery. I got therapy and got in touch with my feelings. Realising that life's short, I decided to take singing lessons which I'd been too afraid to try.Then my vocal coach encouraged me to try songwriting. It turned out I had a lot to say. With the encouragement from others, I started to take my music more seriously. I sent my songs to sync licensing libraries and radio stations. One of my songs got signed with an Australian sync licensing agency, and all 4 songs are getting radio airplay from stations in New Zealand, Singapore, US, and UK. A Japanese indie rock station also mentioned they'd include my song, Procrastination, for a new program that's coming in a few months. My song, Can Someone I Love Love Me Please made No. 3 on the New Zealand radio station RDU's top 10 chart on 2 April 2024.My music teachers are my main musical influences. My guitar teacher, Tam Scholes, from the jazz fusion world music band Carnivorous Plant Society, introduced me to a wide range of music from jazz, blues, country, Latin, to rock 'n' roll and finger-style guitar. My vocal coach, Jennifer K Austin, encouraged me to write and sing with the vulnerability and authenticity of an open heart.My music is about helping people befriend their feelings through music. Songwriting is important to me, because it helps me understand and accept my feelings. My songs help me heal from past injuries and have a laugh about life's challenging situations. I hope they do the same for others.

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